Art Every Day:5

Artful Creations Blog Hop 

Short and sweet this morning: Was doubting myself, my abilities, and everything. So I made a little birdie, to re-inforce what I’ve been trying to remind myself of. You need to believe in yourself first and foremost.

blue bird

pastels and ink


6 thoughts on “Art Every Day:5

  1. Great thought and a great way to dig yourself out of the doldrums. It is so easy to lose step and fall back into the ‘I’m not good enough’ mantra. It certainly helps to turn that mantra around and start it feeding out positives. It is amazing what a little positive thinking can do.

    And that is a lovely blue/purple and your bird is inspirational.

    Best wishes,

  2. Wonderful and such a great way to start the New Year! Your birds are so sweet, one of my favorites of your creations.

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