Happy New Year

Hello, the last month did not go as I planned. I am learning to accept that sometimes things happen in which we have little control over.

This month I am planning on posting here daily as I am participating in the  Artful Creations-a daily blog hop for 2013

I’ve also been working with some pastels recently and wanted to share those sketches.

bird sketch done in pastels

bird sketch done in pastels

I’ve also picked a word of the year. Believe. I have several phases that work in conjunction with my word to help inspire me this year. I picked this word for several reasons and intended to use it when I am having moments of doubt about that I am trying to do with my art.

a little bird told me

Believe…anything is possible…take action…because you can do it!

I initially had two words the other word was action, I was thinking that maybe this year I needed to focus more on action, but after a lot of though I decided I needed to focus more on Believing in myself, because with belief action can follow.


8 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy new year, Lynn! I love your little birdies and your words. I’ve been wanting to create a piece of art for my word but haven’t had the time yet. Like you said, things don’t always go as planned! Here’s wishing you a creative, prosperous, and joyful new year. Looking forward to seeing more art this month!

  2. Believe is a good word. You can pick two words if you like I did. I usually have one word for years until I feel that I’m done learning that one and move on but this year I really felt two were calling me. Happy New Year!

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