Sketch Book Project

So here is the next page in my sketchbook. I am having one of those moments when I seem to be avoiding dealing with it, but really need to sit down and work on it, time is running out. I am planning on writing on the left side, I have some thoughts, depending on if I keep this a mystery or change it to something else. I am still undecided. I am planning on spending a lot more time with this book soon. I still have my rough sketches planned, but I am trying to figure out the rest.

girl. green eyes. in progress

this is the second page in my sketchbook, its just a face so far.


I also thought you might like to see how my latest piece is moving a long. I wasn’t sure if I was going to add the girl or a house to this one. I ended up going with the girl, I am trying to work out what quote I want to use or if I could clarify my own words to better express my idea. In someways I am looking forward to working on this one more that my sketch book at the moment. Still working on the layers,it will be changing a lot more before this is finished.

Life is : A girl and her bird

w.i.p inspired my art journal entry life is…. More layers and details are getting added


3 thoughts on “Sketch Book Project

  1. Hi Lynn, thanks for dropping in on me 😀
    I really love your Art and your blog planning…wowsers! You are quite the “thinker-aheaderer”. Maybe you will force me to do some art everyday.
    Regards, Giovanna.

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