Latest Canvas

Confession time, I have multiple Canvases going at the moment, in various stages of completion. I’ve got a few that were started earlier this year, I’ve got some that were started last month, and one I started yesterday.

I’ve been feeling a little guilty lately about this one painting I started earlier this year. Its a fish, I’ve got his shape painted and the background is a solid color. I look at this fish almost every day, I told myself this morning I should cut out and collage on his scales today.

I keep thinking about working on the fish, yet I never seem to sit down and do the work. I thought things might be different this morning, but  I sat down and promptly started working on the canvas I started yesterday instead.  I am going to move the fish and a few of his friends out of sight, as the guilt of not working on them is starting to get to.

Bird, heart, mixed media with a collage background

Day 2, changes: bird is bigger and I’ve added a heart using golden light weight modeling paste and some golden fluid paints and gesso. 

Yesterday I made a smaller bird out of modeling paste. When I looked at it this morning, it was too small for the canvas (20 inches by 10 inches) so I made the little bird into a larger bird. It was an interesting process, I learned a little, I had read you can apply modeling paste in layers to build things up, which is what I ended up doing. So here is what it looked like before these changes.

Life is.... Inspired Canvas

Day 1.

I am still learning and experimenting with the modeling paste. I’ve been using Golden’s light weight modeling paste. I’ve used most of the container I bought a few weeks ago. I am trying to decide if I want to buying more. Part of me wants to see how the regular modeling paste handles and part of me likes the way the light weight modeling paste handles.

The light weight modeling paste feels like I am applying frosting to a cake, its light and fluffy. I was able to use some sand paper on it to smooth out parts of it, which was wonderful, I did find I had to be careful about how much pressure I used on some parts,light pressure worked best, to heavy and it pulled off pieces. Thankfully I wanted those pieces to come off. This has inspired me to try sanding other mediums down as well to see what happens.




2 thoughts on “Latest Canvas

  1. I don’t usually like to start on something and then start something else before finishing the prior one, but sometimes this is necessary – I have three pieces of tryptych commission laid out waiting for customer approval, and two on the wall waiting for finishing touches…. need a bigger studio!

  2. So often I find myself having to set my art aside…sometimes for months. It’s not a bad thing as it will always be there waiting when that creative spirit brings us back to that canvas. I say, check that guilt at the door and create away! Love reading about your learning process with the paste…I’ve not tried that meduim!

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