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Yesterday I posted about Kristal Norton’s 101+ Creative Journaling Prompts I found this e-book very inspiring. I also promised to share the journal page I created using my favorite prompt, finish the sentence: Life is:

I ended up working in two different journals. They are not pretty, they are messy. I learned a lot in the process and these pages have inspired me to work on a larger canvas.

trying a new textures and ink product.

Making my first marks on the page

Art journal page, Life is

Life is…..

art journaling

more words and other details

Life is...many things

Adding more to it,

testing new products and colors

adding more to the background

art journaling using  creative prompts

more details… trying to find its happy place.


small life is... art journal page

working further with Life is prompt.

Life is... a beautiful mess.

Art Journal page, that is maybe finished.













Life is art, your are your master piece, work on it everyday.

Life is art, your are your master piece, work on it everyday.

The words written in my small journal sparked an idea, which I’ve started working on. It is large sized for me, 10 inches by 20 inches. Sort of a scary size to work with. I’ve applied papers to the background so far, some ribbon for textures, and a small bird done in modeling paste.

Life is.... Inspired Canvas

Background and first details


2 thoughts on “Art Journal

  1. I have nominated your Blog for an award:) because I think it is wonderful that your share your art with everyone
    Check my Blog and see if you would like to accept.

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