Book Review: 101+ Creative Journaling Prompts by Kristal Norton.

Last month, I participated in an art every day challenge, it was wonderful sharing my art everyday. This month, I’ve decided to take a different approach and mix things up a little by doing some book reviews, possibly some tutorials, some product reviews in addition to sharing my work in progress (w.i.p).

One of the reasons I wanted to share some reviews is I often find myself looking at a lot of art books, yet I rarely purchase these books. Most of the time, there is one or two great ideas, techniques, etc… and the rest of the book is just okay.

I am rarely impressed by most of the art books I’ve looked thru. Its the books that wow me and beg me to them home that I want to share with you. The ones that inspire me, spark my creativity, or share a variety of great techniques, these are the books I buy.

To be honest, I had planned on review a different book for today. After downloading Kristal Norton’s 101+ Creative Journaling Prompts: Inspiration for Journaling and an Introduction to Art Journaling, I knew I needed to share this one instead. In less than 24 hours I’ve read thru this book several times already. It is a very sweet book, full of wonderful prompts. Kristal has included both word prompts and art prompts.  It is an excellent book for beginners and those with more experience. I can see this book being very helpful for those times when you are feeling stuck, uninspired, needing to work out your feelings or just wanting to challenge yourself.

One thing I love about this book is that Kristal shares pages from her own art journals and they are great for showing the reader how you can apply these prompts. The book comes with the following bonus materials: a video and a pdf file. The pdf file contains  the prompts, so you can cut them out and keep them on hand for easy access.

I also found myself being inspired as I read thru the prompts, thinking beyond my art journal. A few of these prompts inspired ideas that would work very well on canvas.

My favorite prompts were in the finish the sentence section. I read the first one and I found myself thinking of all the ways I could finish it. Tomorrow I plan on sharing the results. I am sure these prompts will help me to journal more consistently in the coming year.

It was available as a free download for a limited time and is regularly $2.99. It is a small investment for some wonderful prompts and excellent bonus materials.

If you are interested in learning more about art journaling or want to take a free blog course please visit Kristal Norton’s website by clicking on the picture below.


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