WIP & Blog plan

So I have a blog plan, well, its a plan, not sure how well I will do at sticking to it, but I’m going to give it a shot. I’ve also included some work-in-progress pictures below.

red bird, mixed media on canvas

A little bird told me: follow your heart.

Dream, hearts, mixed media on canvas

In progress still… Hoping it will be finished soon

ink birdie bug & shark creature

having fun with pen and ink.

blue and purple birds

creatures and bird stamps that have been outlined.

Bird with a spiky crown

trying a new way to sketch out a critter (bird- this time)

creatures, spray ink and pen.

Purple two headed monster

Not really a planner


2 thoughts on “WIP & Blog plan

  1. I like the image map. A blogging plan is means of charting your course. It helps reveal how you will share your passion and purpose with your readers. They aren’t written in stone but as changes will be made along the way but image maps help us focus.

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