Art Every Day Month=Success.

To be honest, I wasn’t  sure I would be successful at working on my art everyday. I believed that I would fail at sharing my work on my blog everyday during the month of November. To be honest I am shocked that I was successful with both. I am so very excited that I was able to achieve this little goal. It gives me hope that the next goal I set for myself, I will be able to achieve it, maybe, I will have more faith in myself and my ability to meet the goals I set for myself.

I’ve talked before about the e-course I took this fall called flying lessons. The instructor  set up a private group that allowed the participants to connect and share. One of the women in this group has suggested doing an art every day challenge in January. I’ve decided to join the challenge. I like this kind of challenge, it forces me to work on something everyday, even when I am feeling uninspired and just want to avoid working on art. So be on the look out for daily posts showing work in progress during the month of January.

I would like to keep the momentum up of posting everyday, so for the month of December I am committing to post 5 to 7 times each week. I may need a few days off for the holidays. Right now I am considering the format for the month of December. I’m thinking about tutorials, reviews, and simple gift ideas. Be sure to check back soon for more details about my blogging plans for the month of December.

I also wanted to say thank you to all of my readers and followers. I really appreciate your feedback, likes and comments. Your kind words are very helpful and I truly am grateful for the time you take to leave a comment or like this blog.


I’ve decide to share two the backgrounds I’ve been working on lately. I’m excited about the first one. It will be titled : Dream or Dreams. I have the layout for the piece in my head, and hopefully in the next week or two I will be able complete this one.

The lower background has lots of texture and colors on it. I am not sure where this on will end up, I keep looking at it and it feels like the background needs more still.



textured background


5 thoughts on “Art Every Day Month=Success.

  1. Hey, you mentioned possibly doing an Art Every Day Challenge in January. Can you please post something about it before the? I’d like to participate! You’ve done great in November and I’ve enjoyed seeing what you create!

  2. I love your idea about goals and has me thinking I would like to set up some goals for myself….I think goals helps us to avoid procrastination…something I have to fight constantly. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful art and I look forward to seeing what other projects you are working on.

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