Plans Change

So I was planning on revealing the my untitled bird painting, as it is nearly finished. I actually thought I would have it finished for today, but I had a little accident, well, more like a mistake, using a sharpie to add some details and words. I hated the result, so the reveal will happen soon, and I’ve even come up with a title finally.

So instead of my little bird, I am going to share a canvas I’m working on that was inspired by Kristen Conley of Whimsy Inspired. Please checkout her work, her finished product is beautiful.

I started this one, thinking it would be for my nephew, but it turned out to be more for myself. It is still in process. I’ve been busy working on three or four different canvases as the moment. I also need to find some time to  test my new heart forms for making up 3 dimension hearts and eventually birds. As I look at this painting so far it is calling for me to add  a plaster heart or bird. I’ve have a few pieces that are calling out for this sort of detail.

written in sharpie on canvas

applied ink over words

difficult to see but a few words are still showing thru

painting over the words they are still showing thru a little

so plans change and the words are obscured.


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