New Canvas Background & plaster hearts

This is what I’ve got so far for my background. I’ve got a few plans for this and if thinks work out, you will be seeing more of it soon.

textured and sprayed. using different products.

I’ve also started working on this other idea that was inspired by a project in Kelly Rae Roberts book Taking FlightI made several hearts from plaster. In her book she makes a small heart using floral foam and plaster. I tried this method and was semi-happy with the results.


made with floral form

Then I made a form from bubble wrap (I have a ton of it still from moving) and the results were a little closer to what I was looking for.


Then I had some strips left over so I tried making a heart from just the strips, I like this one the most, but I know it won’t work for the project I have in mind .

made from plaster only

So, what I learned is I need to explore a few other ideas for making forms. I am thinking I need to get some wire, and make shapes out of that to apply plaster strips to. I like the way these look. Now I need to figure out how I will attach them to a canvas.

I’m excited about trying these style hearts with wire, because if that works out, I should be able to build a bird form. I haven’t tried making a bird yet, because I am not sure any of these methods will work very well.


2 thoughts on “New Canvas Background & plaster hearts

    • I’ve got these ideas in which the plaster heart and other forms would work well with. It is a bit discouraging when things seem like they will work, but don’t come out the way you want them to. I’ve figured out a few more forms to test, so I shall see how it goes. Hoping to get the result I want soon.

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