Ideas for atc’s & stamps

I’ve been making up backgrounds like crazy. I’m involved in a few swaps currently. One of the theme’s I am working on for a swap is family. I’ve got several ideas going for this one.  I am working on a new stamp or maybe they will become stamps. I want to make a little bird family. I’ve been sketching out birds like crazy to find ones that will become stamps.

sketches of birds for stamps.

I did happen to come across a book on stamp making at the bookshop the other day. I didn’t purchase it. I tend to skim read a lot of art books, if I am going to purchase an art book, it needs to have a lot of information that I find useful in it or the art needs to be inspiring.I look at a lot of books, but tend not to purchase very often. The only idea I saw in this book that was helpful to me, was carving the bird’s wing and body as two separate pieces. The idea was not worth spending over $20, when the rest of the book was less than helpful to me. I don’t really need ideas for different stamps or projects using stamps that you’ve carved. This doesn’t mean I think the book is bad, it just wasn’t the right book for me.

Blue Twig Studio  put a reminder about sending in November ATC’s, the theme was birds. I sent in two. The theme for December is Time. Not sure what I will do for this one, but I have already decided I want to participate again. I am enjoying the challenge. Plus I am hoping I might win them. Only way to have a chance at winning is to send one or more in.


One thought on “Ideas for atc’s & stamps

  1. I totally agree about purchasing art books. I’ll often spend hours browsing through them in a book store, get an idea here and there, but rarely will I purchase one. They’re great for that little bit of inspiration sometimes. Your bird sketches are looking great, btw! Keep it up:)

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