Work In Progress

Work in Progress Thus Far:

I’ve filled in the tree, I just need to added the details, highlights, and shading to it. This first page is nearly complete.

little red bird

finding my wings.

I started a new journal page, another one in which I am practicing “spritzing” on the ink. It served a dual purpose as it is an attempt at trying to work out an idea I have. I’m not ready to share the idea as of yet, but keep reading to find out what inspired the ideas.

red silver and copper with white hearts

My husband has two chess boards in our living room they are leaning against different walls. This summer shortly after we moved to our new house we raided my Nana’s attic, we were looking for side tables for our guest room. We found one and lots of other cool stuff, a glass table with wheels on it, and this old chess board, which most likely belonged to one of my uncles.

When my husband saw the chess board he asked my aunt if he could have it. Its been well loved (it is worn and be carved into) and full of character. This chess board sits at eye level on the old glass table with wheels on it and is direct in front of my couch. I find myself drawn to it. Its been speaking to me lately, wanting me to use it some how in my art work.

I don’t know how to play chess, but I do enjoy playing checkers. So when I stare at the chess board, I find myself thinking about checkers. Its this combination that has sparked an idea. I am mentally torn about which way to precede with my idea. I have to different trains of though, one idea is more 2 dimensional and the other is 3 dimensional. I’m trying to work out which one feels like the right one and then how to proceed. Who knows maybe I will attempt both ideas. The 3 dimensional one is much tricker and it will test my abilities without a doubt.


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