Sketchbook 2013 sketches

I’ve managed to take some photo’s before I cover these over and re-work them. I picked mystery for my theme and I think I am going to stick with it. I am working it all out in my head, slowly but surely. I  managed to work it out while at work last night, but now I am not so sure, I should have written it down. I am hoping to have time this weekend to get a lot further along with this project.

Having the sketches I’ve worked on helps, as they ideas are very rough but they are definitely ready to be expanded upon. I am hoping that you can make out the very basic and not so great sketches, but I have no doubt these ideas will flesh out into something special.

sketchbook 2013


(goldfish as in the cracker)

sketchbook 2013


sketchbook 2013


sketchbook project


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