Bird canvas- still untitled and unfinished.

I am getting closer to finishing up this little guy. I’m thinking he looks much brighter on my screen than he does in person rather, the background looks brighter, the bird  is a bright red with a purple chest. I am thinking that I must check my camera settings the next time I take some pictures of him.

The background was starting to feel like it had to much blue and green which leaves me feeling that it is unbalanced.  I think it needs some more pink or red highlights, so I’ve added some gesso (the white areas) to help balance it out a little more.

I got this set of two colors, one bright red and the other a dark silver, that can be spritzed on. I am currently contemplating using them but because I am comfortable using them yet, I am very worried about trying them out on this canvas. My first two attempts at using them did not work out so well. So it is a bit risky… could be the big mistake that works out right or wrong.

I jotted down a some words recently and managed to misplace them on my desk.  They could become the title for this piece or they may get added to the canvas.

I am down to the final details, like drawing in his beak, he needs a smiling beak. I’ve got to outline a few spots, but otherwise, I am nearly done. Once I get the color balance of the background worked out  and the other details added, I will be ready to seal him up and title him. I’ve got a few ideas and I will be sure to share once I finally get them figured out. I’ve decided that I will be listing this little guy on my etsy shop.

I haven’t made a decision yet as to when my etsy shop will be launching, I attempting to launch before the end of the year, but with every thing I have going on right now, it may be January. So be on the lookout for Lynn Sweeney Designs coming soon to etsy.


red bird


11 thoughts on “Bird canvas- still untitled and unfinished.

  1. Most digital cameras are not great at rendering purples or violets accurately. Still, what you’ve shown here looks like lots of fun. Sort of a jaunty bird, taking life as it comes. Be a great logo for the right company.

  2. Hello, stopping by after your visit to my blog, thankyou for the like. I have a solution to your misting. Have you heard of Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi-medium. you can use it as a seal over your project, spray and see if you like it. if you dont like it just gently wipe of with a wet wipe. heres a link just incase you have not heard of it. Good luck with your goal of the future, you will be well on the way with all your followers. impressed 🙂

  3. You know…someone so fond of hearts in her artwork should really consider an occasional submission to My Heart-shaped World! I love the colorful energy and whimsical style of your work.

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