Sketchbook Project 2013

So I haven’t had a lot of time lately for art, its been a 10 or 15 minutes here and there, sort of week or rather weeks.

I did discover an little problem with the sketchbook and the way I like to work.  I’ve  had to re-inforce the page by gluing a bit of heavy weigh paper between two pages. I am now trying to decide what to do about the remaining pages. Do I use the same approach and reduce the total number of pages in my book, or do I just try to re-inforce the remaining pages. The other option is a combination of  reducing and re-inforcing pages.

sketchbook 2013

work in progress: sketchbook 2013

So I am a little further along with this page, I really need to find some time to sit down and work on this for a few hours. I am sensing the deadline fast approaching, so at some point I just have to get to work. This picture was taken prior to adding the heavy weight paper, you can see it sitting underneath, the reddish orange color.


5 thoughts on “Sketchbook Project 2013

  1. Wow, nice to see a sketchbook in progress! I want to fill mine with photographs within a certain theme, but that’s not as easy as I thought 🙂 Good luck!

    • I sometimes think that this project seems easier in theory. When it comes down to doing the actual work it is a lot more difficult. We are planning a trip to New York next fall and I am looking forward to seeing the sketchbooks, not sure if they will have made it back by then, either way I can’t wait to visit them.

  2. thanks for checking out my post. this reminds me i need to get working on my sketchbook. what’s your theme? am doing travelogue. i rebound my book with watercolour paper and that’s as far as i got. all the best with your artistic endeavors!

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