Work in Progress : atc using modeling paste

I finally had a chance to get some light weight modeling paste. I’ve done a little test of it making a small bird, I will have to see how it finishes up. I am hoping that I can use a little sand paper to smooth things out. Its just the start of this one. So I shall have to see what happens when I finish it.

first test using modeling paste


6 thoughts on “Work in Progress : atc using modeling paste

  1. I almost picked some up at the store the other da, thinking I could mix it with acrylic paint to thicken it. I’m anxious to see how yours turns out. Does it stick right on the card stock?

    • yup it sticks to the card stock and canvas. Read the labels carefully has they several different types, some suitable to working on canvas and others are not suitable for canvas, they need to be used on a solid surface. If you are looking to thicken acrylic paint there are gel mediums that would be more appropriate. The modeling paste is used to build up texture. I can’t remember if it can be tinted or not. Check out golden’s website, they have a lot of great information on different mediums.

  2. It looks nice. I took some night time photos of the “Look” sign painted on the street @ pedestrian crossings–not sure how I will use them, but I liked the artful way they looked.

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