Sketches and a little confession

So I’ve been wanting to draw other animals and some different kinds of birds. I did some quick sketches the other day at work. I love cows and I’ve been wanting to draw horses. The horses didn’t come out so good, but the sheep looks okay, sort of.

my attempt at drawing sheep and horses.

need to find better pictures for my next attempt.

I enjoy following this blog(you should go check it out)  Alisa Steady Art and I had a chance recently to use a piece of good advice that was given to this artist, draw what you see.  It was those four words which, helped me to draw this cow. I am very happy with it. Its a good start, he needs a little work, to give him some more character. I want to try drawing him again and I’ve found a few pictures to draw from that have a little more character or maybe quirkiness to them. I saw a sign today which inspired me, instead of the “got milk?” it said “got hope” and all I could think of was different sayings that I could use with the cow and “got….?” It just seemed fun.

1st time drawing a cow.

I have a little confession to make, I really don’t like drawing much. I get frustrated too easily when I try. I’m more of a doodler, something fast quick and has a little pattern to it, yup thats my kind of drawing.

I can see the value in drawing, I just don’t do it very often. I tend to put paint to paper and things seem to work out most of the time. Recently I’ve been trying to get myself to draw more, to spread my wings out and see what I can accomplish with pen/pencil and paper. I am happy with these beginning results. I’m sure as time goes on I will get better, if I can keep practicing.

I would like to be able to plan a little more when I am painting. I’m pretty sure doing a bit more of a formal drawing will help rather than my quick rough sketches with notes. So this has me thinking about making it a goal for the new year. Scary to think how quickly it will be here.


6 thoughts on “Sketches and a little confession

  1. The cow is a very simple sketch, but anyone who has had enough exposure to domestic animals, would see that it is a cow. Picasso used a bicycle seat & the handle bars of a bicycle, combined them, and it became a bull–and it was/is brilliant, due to the utter (udder?) simplicity. He added no embellishments. The elements of his creation, bicycle parts, were transformed by each viewer, to perceived these items as a bull. Your cow, simple as it is, is a perfect start to what you want to do. Stay with your simplicity for a while longer–it will take you on the drawing journey that will lead to other things.

  2. I understand feeling frustrated when drawing or painting and it is the real or main reason I never finish or produce the work I want to. I think, it has a lot to with being patient with yourself. Try relaxing more whilst drawing, theres no rush to get it right/finished and try drawing with the shades and light instead of drawing an outline, scribble it in, use different marks, work freely with a pencil just like a paint brush, the more you loosen up and try not to restritct yourself the better. hope it helps , oh find image you really like to as you will enjoy drawing them more..

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