Sketchbook Project

I went a head and signed up for the Sketchbook Project 2013 and I got my book in the mail the other day. I had a moment of panic,  I looked at it and realized, oh no, I have to fill these pages and don’t have that much time to do it in. Its felt very big for a few minutes, the worry and fears that sometimes come up when you decide to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. I’m getting better at pushing myself  thru my fears and feelings. I am looking for other projects to join and places to submit my art work to. I know that I have to keep facing the fears and worry.

So this is the start, I picked mystery for my sketchbook. My rough idea is to use a combination of techniques and written word/journal entries. I’ve been finding myself wondering what animals think lately. I know they may or may not think like humans do, but it is a very big mystery as to what goes on in there heads. So that is where I am going to be working from.

Sketchbook Project 2013

My cover so far. No title yet.

Bird in a tree

in process…

I’m thinking about using a glaze over the white stamping on the cover, I like the detail, and I’m not sure if it is the picture , but seeing it like this gives me this feeling that there is too much white now.

The bird on the first page started out as a sketch, which I meant to take a picture of, but forgot to before painting over it. I then used black paint to outline the parts I wanted to keep. I need to work on the background more and figure out what color to make the little bird.

The cool thing is we are planning on going to New York in September and will be going to see the Sketchbooks.


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