Journal pages

Some pages from journals:


I was flipping thru one of my journals that is nearly full/complete and stumbled upon this page:

Shocking beauty...

written during an e-course I took.

I jotted this down, while the wording isn’t the greatest, I am still trying to find better words to express the thought, it works for the moment. Many people walk thru life, seeing the world around themselves, but rarely taking the time to stop and look. There is beauty and magic all around us. There is something shocking in the simple beauty that surrounds us and often goes unnoticed, until that moment, when you finally see it.



This one above is a little different bird. I noticed looking at painting that someone else had done, that the back of their bird looked like it had a heart shape to it, so that was how I started it. Then I went over the lines with a black pen. I need to keep drawing these birds and work out the kinks. This guy looks like he’s got a lot of character, so he would be fun to make on a larger canvas. I can also see myself making feathers out of paper for his wings.



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