Name that bird & new background

To be honest I hate coming up with titles, it seems that I either get the perfect one right off the bat, or I struggle and struggle, often ending up with a title I don’t really like. For some reason nothing has come to mind yet, and I am at the point of calling it Bird 1. I’ve gotten some very helpful comments about my bird that have helped, but I am still a little stuck. So I’ve been thinking up ways to solve the problem.

One solution I’ve thought about is having a little giveaway in exchange for helping me come up with a title or picking the best title. My goal is to finish this painting in the next week and find a good prize. I’m still trying to work out the details, so be sure to keep checking back, for more details.

This is a small canvas I’ve started, its just the background and texture. It will have a bird or a heart collaged on it. I love the look of three or more small canvases grouped together. My plan is to set up a grouping of three or four paintings, that work well together. I painted the background with a shimmery paint and then applied some gesso and darker pink/red.

pink texture canvas


3 thoughts on “Name that bird & new background

  1. Hi, thanks for discovering my blog and leading me to yours! I had great fellow-feeling for your struggles with titles — same thing with magazine article titles (I’ve been editor of various magazines), and blog posts too for that matter. But what counts most is the work. Just do the work and trust it to speak.

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