New Backgrounds for ATC’s

So I’ve discovered a new texture that I really like. I’ve been using the woven plastic bag that our potatoes came in. I’m thinking that my husband will be eating more potatoes soon so I can stock up on this stuff.

last backgrounds for artist trading cards

I love this texture, its fun, and easy to make. I apply some gesso or paint (doesn’t work as well) or gesso and paint mixed over the potato bag.  I also discovered a way to make it pop a little more by watering down my acrylics and painting it on randomly on the white parts. Then I cover the card with a paper towel , roll my brayer over the paper towel and it leaves the background with a interesting finish. The pink and blue/green card in the bottom right, was done this way. You can almost see a little of the texture from the paper towel as well.



5 thoughts on “New Backgrounds for ATC’s

  1. Brilliant!!! More new background technique for me to try. I tried with a stamp pad through a small mesh that works well but not with actual paint…has just gone on my ‘ToTryList’

  2. Have you tried moulding paste or crackle paste? You can then paint on the texture, mix a complimentary colour with a glaze, apply that and then wipe that off with a paper towel or rag. The potato sack is very very cool!

    • They are next on my buy list. I am stuck at the moment on making different textures, I want to find things with different patterns that I can use as well. I’ve seen some neat vent cover patterns and keep hoping I will find something similar for free.

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