Mistakes & Fixes

So I’ve added more to my mixed media bird. I went a little to far with the background, then added some texture using gesso to cover the most offending areas. Not so sure how I am feeling about this piece now. I love the bird, he is looking really good. Not feeling so great about the background. I often feel there is a fine line in things, yet you don’t know where the line is until you cross it. I’m sure with a little luck and work I will get it back to a more pleasing place. Trying to decide on the tree, to add or not to add is the question.


mixed media bird on canvas

I’m trying to work on art every day  this month, which had me thinking okay, maybe I will get more work finished. Now, I am not so sure about it. I guess I will see what comes from this. I may set a challenge for myself to complete one piece of art every day for a month.


5 thoughts on “Mistakes & Fixes

  1. MMMM I like the Bird he is growing on me more and more! Now, after looking at your picture time and again over the progression I am thinking very Folk art style.
    Maybe not a tree then but rather more of a type of symbol?

  2. I like it as is. I like the colors, texture and the background. But I fully understand the feeling – there is something wrong. I often have this on my own 🙂 But I would not add tree to that one.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about that line… and crossing it. I do that often when I’m trying to write and when I use to paint. thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate your time very much!

  4. I often share the feeling, but here I love the bird and greatly enjoy your unique forest… so what is a tree? Some time for us it might be about what we miss but it is actually about what others find in it. I like it very much.

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