Making Stamps

So I bought myself a kit to make my own stamps. I may have found a new addiction, making stamps. I have a lot to learn still, but I’ve made a couple of stamps. I’m out almost of of the rubber material, so a trip to the art store must happen soon. So the very first stamp I made is a bird, I know big surprise. My test print was on a scrap of this horrible watercolor paper that I decided to use as a palette paper instead. One lesson I’ve learned recently is even if you think it’s just for practice, buy decent quality paper and canvas.

I think he’s cute and I’ve learned a lot making this little guy. To be honest, I really didn’t know what I was doing when I sat down to try it out. The kit came with directions, but well, I just sort of quickly skimmed them. Note to self: next time, read them carefully as you may learn something.

It took me a few minutes to realize that I had to think about things a little backwards and I changed my approach to carving this little guy  half way thru, which is why he looks like he is missing a chunk out of his back/tail area. I’m sure with more practice I will be able to carve them out a little faster. Once I get some more material I plan on making some heart stamps, some leaf stamps, and doing a few words as well.


6 thoughts on “Making Stamps

  1. He looks lovely. Very folk art. I have a friend who has an online tutorial, she does lino printing. Google erasercarver,am on my phone so can’t send the link. But i think your bird looks very very wonderful.

  2. love him…he’s adorable…I also like the texture in it, that it’s not so solid…I have a stamp kit that has been sitting in my drawer looking at me everytime I open it…thanks for inspiring me to get to it…this week i’m exploring image transfers but a week or two dedicated to stamping sounds delightful

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