Title me?

So my little birdy is moving along nicely. I’ve added some more details to it. So far this has taken me about 45 minutes to get to this point. I’ve changed a few details, I decided to make the wing bigger than I normally do and cut it out of paper. I applied some gesso to the wing and tried to make some feather like marks on the wing. I then added some red paint to it. I still have more layers to add to get the colors right on the bird and the background. I am finding it faster to work in thin layers. They dry quicker, then the heavier layers I normally use. I am not sure if I will still add the tree or not, I’ve noticed that the heart I made using the resin sand medium, has disappeared. If I keep this detail, I will have to find a way to highlight it a bit more.

Still haven’t figured out what to call this one yet. feel free to offer suggestions.


19 thoughts on “Title me?

  1. MMM I am not sure what to call it. I am obsessed with calling everything with Birds or Butterfly’s in it something to do with Freedom….I have no Idea why. (sorry no help what so ever)

    • Thats a hard one, as I’ve only got about an hour time into it and I’ve only been able to work and small spurts on it, but maybe that is why I am struggling with the title, I haven’t spent enough time with this painting yet.

      • I don’t know but he looked like he has attitude. He doesn’t take crap from anybody but he fair and genuine. I am sorry I just giving you ideas not really give you random titles. But I understand that you’re just working on him slowly. What keeps coming up in my mind is he has Spark.

    • I’m feeling a little tired and silly, I need to go check out the twitter bird now, I can’t see it in my head. I blame it on being over tired tonight.

      I love making these birds, because they are bright and happy. They remind me of small birds, like the English Robin, Chickadees and Sparrows. They are the inspiration for most of the birds I make.

      • “Walking with the world” – is what comes from my dear husband when I showed him your work.

        Please don’t let my comment ruin your hard work and day. Its a beautiful creation.

      • Thank for sharing this. Something about the words, Walking with the world, inspired me. I finally have a title, and I now know how I am going to finish this painting up. I am expecting to have it finished and posted on here in the next week or two.

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