Greener?Maybe, Maybe Not

I’m blessed to have taken this wonderful e-course offer by Kelly Rae Roberts, called Flying Lessons. By taking this course I’ve gotten to  meet, on-line, the most amazing group of artists. Sometimes when I look at their artwork, I find myself wishing I could produce things like they do. When these women share their successes, I am truly happy for them. Yet, at times, I find myself listening to this  little negative internal voice that likes to rant on expressing thoughts of envy and jealousy.

At times, I spend too much time thinking and listening to the negative thoughts. In these moments my green-eyed monster starts to rear it ugly head. I fail to pause, and think about the bigger picture. We all have our issues, our crosses to bear so to speak. Life can look one way to the outside world, but the inner world is far different than others may even be able to imagine. Experience has taught me this is frequently the case more often then we realize.

I was experiencing a moment like this recently and decided that I need to draw my own green eyed monster. Here is the start of this one in my journal. I think a visual reminder will help me keep those feeling in check. They are unproductive thoughts and feelings, that should only be given a few minutes of my time, rather than hours or days.


2 thoughts on “Greener?Maybe, Maybe Not

  1. I think all of us suffer when we try to compare ourselves to others. It isn’t a fair comparison at all. Each of us has a set of talents that nobody else has; each of us is unique. What a boring world it would be if we all could do the same things.

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