Bird In Progress

I decided to try to take some photo’s of this piece in progress to share as I work each layer.

I am trying out some new ideas and testing out a different method of working. I tend to work very slow with lots of paint and layers. I am trying to use less paint and thinner layers. I’m hoping this approach will speed things up while still getting a similar result.

I’ve torn paper and applied it underneath as a background. I used gel medium to attach the paper to the canvas. Then I applied  blue and magenta paint, which was thinned with water. Most of the papers that are currently visible will be covered with paint by time I am done. I am planning for small amounts of the paper to show thru on the finished canvas.

The next step involved applying gesso to the canvas. I love gesso, its great for building things up. I use to hate texture, then for some reason, I discovered that I could get some interesting effects using gesso.  I’ve  recently learned to use things like bubble wrap and the woven package our potatoes came in to add more texture. I am loving the effects that I can get with these items. I’m now on the look out for more items that I can use to build texture up in my paintings.

Next I cut out a paper  bird and applied it to the canvas. Once he was securely stuck down I outlined his body with black paint, then painted on his beak and tummy. The very last thing I did was the heart, normally I use a permanent marker to do these details.



So far I have spent about 30 minutes working on this piece. Its all fairly simple technique wise. I’ve been trying to be more conscience of the time I spend on various pieces of work. This will be an important consideration for me when I am finally ready to start selling things.

I am planning on taking more photos as I finish working on this piece. I still need to draw in his eye and wing, but those need to wait until the gel medium I used dries. I tend to draw those details by hand using a permanent marker, its much easier to get the fine details done that way.


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