Art Every Day Month & Favorite Color Question

So today I’d thought I share another journal page. If you haven’t notice yet, I have this thing for hearts and birds. I’m in the process of working thru it I think or it just could become part of my style. I like making these birds, for some reason they make me smile. I’ve been working on a lot of journal pages lately. Many of these pages are just sketches, the foundations for putting the ideas to canvas.

When I make my birds on canvas, I normally use a blended fibers medium to build them up. I’ve been wanting to move on to modeling paste to build up and give more shape to their bodies, so they will appear slightly 3 dimensional. I’m planning on trying modeling paste next to see if I can get the look I am going for. If that doesn’t work out then I think I have a few other ideas for how to build up there bodies.

I’ve got a very cheap canvas that I’ve started working on the background. Its more of a testing canvas for different ideas and techniques. So I’ve decided that I will use this to test the modeling paste birds on. I’ve done so many different things with one, I am not sure how well it will work out, but it is a starting place. Now I just need to find the box that contains my samples of 6 different golden mediums, other wise a trip to the art store is in order to buy some modeling paste.


I’m alway curious if other artists have a favorite paint color. Mine is Quinacridone Magenta by Golden, the Liquitex will do in a pinch, but its not the same. I use both Golden and Liquitex paint. I love Golden paints, but at times, the price is more than my budget loves, that is why Liquitex also gets my business. So feel free to leave a comment sharing your favorite color, who knows you could just happen to inspire me to pick up a new tube of paint.




3 thoughts on “Art Every Day Month & Favorite Color Question

  1. I just picked up a bottle of Golden Quinacridone Crimson. I haven’t gotten to play with it yet, but I saw it at a workshop last week and fell in love with it. I’m waiting for some inspiration to hit so I can use it. Generally though, I’m a grayish blue person and I love to mix my own.

  2. I’m kind of plebian about my paints, with no particular loyalty to a brand name, but deep, deep, rich purple is definitely my favorite color. I love the idea you have of making the birds 3-D. Go for it, and please let us know how it goes.

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