Inside my studio

This month I am planning on posting everyday. I’m hopeful that I will be able to follow thru with the goal. I will be showing works in progress and anything I manage to finish up this month.

I decided that I would kick off this post with a picture of my studio. For the time being my studio is sharing space with our home office, which is still in the process of being unpacked from our move in August. At some point in the future, once we manage to get our basement finished it will most likely be moving down there. I’ve seen some studios that have inspired me. These studios have given me  lots of ideas on how to go about building and organizing my future studio. So in the mean time I am making this space work for me. I need to make space for another table and need to get another lamp or some sort of additional lighting.

I am nearly done with this painting, it needs a few more details, I just haven’t figured them all out yet, but I am certain that I will finish it up by the end of this month. I need to find a white pen or get some white out to highlight the eyes. The legs, I am not so sure about, they need to be built up, and I have to see if I have any modeling paste or if I need to go buy some more.

Here are some pages from my  art journals.


I’ve added some pink paint to the background of three blue birds. Eventually  I will add a thin glaze of blue over the green, to turn them into actual blue birds with green chests. There are more details to be added and I am fairly certain that I will be using this to journal page to help create a new  mixed media painting.

I started this page in the spring. I keep looking at it and its calling for me to add something to it, yet I am not sure what. I really like the colors in these pages, and they are inspired by graffiti art. I want to transfer this to canvas as well, but need to work out the missing details, which will make it complete. I don’t know if it needs words or something else, some sort of message.


5 thoughts on “Inside my studio

    • It is fairly old, its been around for 20 or 30 years now possibly longer. Its now been purposed to my art desk, rather than my sewing and office desk. Thank you for the kind comment 🙂

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