Posted in November 2012

A Little Bird Told Me

So I finally have a title for this one:  A Little Bird Told Me I planned on getting it finished up last night, but it didn’t happen. I’ve really been wanting to share it, since I finally figure out a title for it. It needs some touch up work, to the beak, and the background, … Continue reading

Plans Change

So I was planning on revealing the my untitled bird painting, as it is nearly finished. I actually thought I would have it finished for today, but I had a little accident, well, more like a mistake, using a sharpie to add some details and words. I hated the result, so the reveal will happen … Continue reading

Testing Stamps

So I’ve been making stamps like crazy. These are the ones I’ve finished so far. I need to try something different with the words. Not sure what, as I am not to happy with them. These are the latest birds. So I messed up the one stamp. I wasn’t happy with the way the red … Continue reading

journal page: feeling buggy.

So I sprayed this page with some ink and then dropped some liquitex acrylic ink  (white) on to the sprayed area. Then I decided that it was looking a little bug like so I added the details in pen. He still needs another set of legs, just can’t figure out what they should look like … Continue reading

New Canvas Background & plaster hearts

This is what I’ve got so far for my background. I’ve got a few plans for this and if thinks work out, you will be seeing more of it soon. I’ve also started working on this other idea that was inspired by a project in Kelly Rae Roberts book Taking Flight. I made several hearts from … Continue reading

Journal pages

Inspired by: Carla Sonheim Earlier this year I was making up backgrounds for various pages in my art journal. Mainly, I was having fun playing with different methods of putting paint to paper and using acrylics in a watercolor like manner. The other night I had the chance to use some of these pages as … Continue reading

Ideas for atc’s & stamps

I’ve been making up backgrounds like crazy. I’m involved in a few swaps currently. One of the theme’s I am working on for a swap is family. I’ve got several ideas going for this one.  I am working on a new stamp or maybe they will become stamps. I want to make a little bird … Continue reading

Work In Progress

Work in Progress Thus Far: I’ve filled in the tree, I just need to added the details, highlights, and shading to it. This first page is nearly complete. I started a new journal page, another one in which I am practicing “spritzing” on the ink. It served a dual purpose as it is an attempt … Continue reading

Another bird stamp.

I used a page in my art journal to spray some artist trading card backgrounds, which left behind the six blank mini-canvas spots. I’ve decide to use my atc’s backgrounds to practice my spritzing. I may need to invest in a few more spritzer’s and some more fluid golden acrylic paints or find a medium … Continue reading


Gratitude is what this day is all about for me. I may not express this verbally but it is on my mind. There is so much in my life that I am grateful for. My list is long, so I am only going to share one item from it:  I am grateful that I stumbled … Continue reading