In progress….

This is just a bit of practice. I am planning to post a piece of my art or art in progress everyday for the month of November. Its funny, I’ve been sitting down everyday to work on something, yet very little ever seems to make it to completion. As I’ve started so many small pieces, I am planning on starting even more and  will be working on actually completing them during the next month.

I’ve discovered that my process tends to be a little slow, as I use lots of layers and gesso as well to build up areas. I sometimes think that there must be a faster way to do this, but as of yet, I haven’t figured that out, so I just keep practicing. I am going to try to do some work using fewer layers, and see if I can find a way to get the results I am looking for or even discover a different result, that I like even more.


Above is a page in my journal, I like this idea, it started as a sketch of 3 birds, then I had some paint left on my bubble wrap heart so I applied it over the birds. Then this morning I had some extra paint, that I ended up using on the birds. I’m pretty sure I will add some more details to this page, as I really like the way it is turning out, and will probably try to do this on a larger canvas. Moving was helpful as we have lots of bubble wrap about the house still.

The original bird sketch was for this painting, which I wrote about yesterday, I was planning on painting three birds in a row, but when I sat down with the canvas it turned into this:

These are some of my in progress ATC’s. I don’t normally use a lot of orange, so the one is pushing myself to use different colors, they still need some more work (i.e. layers, details, and what nots). I’ve got a rough idea as to where these will end up, but not completely sure yet.


7 thoughts on “In progress….

  1. What cute little birds! As for moving faster… i’m a work in progress on that too. What I find is working best (for me) is to work in 4 journals at once. So while something is drying on one, I add something to another. I know lots of folks use those heat guns to dry up their layers more quickly. I have one of those on my Christmas list! =)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Many artists work on more than one painting. If they are stuck on one, they move to another, if the medium has to dry and they are on a roll, they move to the other painting(s). Though at the end of the day it depends on your nature and your work style. I prefer to work on one painting but have found doing the prep work to get another one started a good thing to do while waiting for stuff to dry.

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