“Love…Bird” To sell or not to sell is the question.

So I’ve been working on a lot of different things lately. I’ve finished, or at least I think I’ve finished, this canvas, titled “Love…Bird”.


I’ve sealed it with a glossy varnish, but I may end up changing it as it seems just a little to “shiny”. I’m starting to think a satin finish may be the way to go. Before sealing it felt a little too flat and matte looking. I’m sure it will take a few days for me to really figure it out. I love the bird and the hearts they are  my favorite parts.


This may turn into a series, I’m not really sure, as I’ve started another painting with two birds and heart. My first idea was to do three birds in a row, but as I started working it became two birds looking at a heart. I am now wondering where this new painting will end up. I am often surprised by the final outcome, as things never really seem to end up where I thought they would when I began.

I’ve been trying to work on and complete as many paintings, ATC’s, and anything else I can come up with. I’m trying to work as much as possible so I eventually will find pieces, that I want to list in my etsy shop, maybe it will become easier to let them go. Its been a slow process, sort of like training to run a marathon or climbing a mountain, sometimes you want to be further along in the process than you currently are. I am at that point of wanting to be further along the path. I am trying to be here in the moment, and enjoy this part of the journey, the beginning of it all. I just have to keep working and making art, the process of just doing the work will get me to the place I want to be.

So this is possibly the beginning of my journey to sell my art work…. To sell it or not to sell is the big question. The issue, is I am not sure I am ready to let it go. I am not worried about it not selling, I am more worried about the what if I do sell this, as I really am not sure I am ready to let it. I really do love this piece…


6 thoughts on ““Love…Bird” To sell or not to sell is the question.

  1. Hi Lynn – Perhaps if you plan to make a lot of paintings, you should keep a few that you really love. Several years from now you may be ready to let go of it depending on how your style shifts or you may be very glad you kept it.

    I appreciated your post because I was just thinking the same about a painting of mine. 🙂 Karen

  2. Not wanting to let a picture go is always a good sign, it means you have invested something special in it. It’s strange that no matter how many paintings you make, it’s always the ones that have been sold, that maintain a special place in your heart. Having someone else appreciate them seems to embue the works with an extra significance.

  3. I was also thinking about ‘letting go’ of work today. I agree that perhaps this is one you keep. A nice way to celebrate ‘the beginning’ with this painting as a keepsake!

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