Trust me to forget…

A wonderful phase and good idea for a painting… slipped thru my fingers, because I failed to have a note-book near my bed. I was to sleepy to drag myself out of bed to find a pen and paper. I repeated it to myself several times, hoping to cement it in my mind, but nope by morning, I had the vague memory of my phase and good idea, the crisp details of last night, lost like a dream.

I am hoping that maybe it will come back to me tonight and if it does this time I intend to write it down.

So here are some of the pieces I’ve been working on. They are all still works in progress. I am close to being finished with one of the ATC’s, one I am making for myself, to serve as a reminder. “Believe: Trust in your heart”. It is so very close to being finished and can’t wait to use on my wall of inspiration that I am starting to build.

Below, shows four different things I am currently working on, the top painting is a more of a test, using some new products, liquitex ink and the substrate itself, is something I’ve never used before, so I am wondering how it will hold up and work out. Then there are 2 ATC’s the one is just about ready for something, to be added, not sure what yet, while the other is the same as shown above.

Then a close up of the Love Bird. I’ve worked and reworked this a few times, I am getting close to where I want it to be. I need to add some final details, and need to decide what color the word love is going to be. It may need so more highlights and lowlights added as well. It has been tricky trying to find the right balance between light and dark. It has been a challenge trying to figure out what colors to use, and how many different colors, and what feels best. I am thinking about putting this on my scanner to how good of a copy I can get. I’ve been trying to take photos with my camera but the lighting can be difficult at times. I guess like all things there is a learning curve.


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