Inspire me as try not fighting it…

This morning I did a search on street art/ graffiti, looking for inspiration. This painting was started the spring and it was inspired by  street art and a poem my cousin wrote. It still feels incomplete, but I love the texture and layers of color. I want to draw on these things in my next canvas.

Yesterday, I posted about what has been compelling me. After I writing, it slowly dawned on me that I just needed to stop fighting the feeling, just keep drawing these faces, as some how they are meant to help me. Last night at work I came up with an idea for a canvas, I did a quick sketch on scrap paper, and this morning I worked a little more on the idea, I am slowly flushing it out. I cannot wait to put paint to canvas. I am full of wonder as to how it will all work out in the end. I am still thinking more on the message, I like to use words, yet sometimes the words are hard to find.


2 thoughts on “Inspire me as try not fighting it…

  1. Thanks for stopping by my PhotoBlog Lynn.
    As a Painter & sketch artist many years ago, I used to get stuck for inspiration many times. You may find it helpful to learn how to switch from left brain to the right creative side. I have a great (but old) book on Learning to draw from the right side of your Brain. One of the exercises in this book is to draw something upside down – try it – you’ll be surprised how it turns out.
    (I’m finding photography much easier than drawing & painting now my eyesight is poor).

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