Gratitude & Compulsion

Lately I’ve been looking at a lot of blogs, to be honest, I find myself getting sucked in, deeper and deeper, viewing, liking and commenting on various posts. I’ve been meaning to write and post this for a couple of days, but instead I found myself getting drawn away from writing this.  I’ve been throughly inspired by the colors other’s use and the photo’s they take. I am slightly overwhelmed by all of it, the pure beauty and openness I’ve seen. It has left me wanting to create more art myself. I am still struggling with sharing what I’ve made part of me wants to keep it to myself, I hear my fear monster talking and all the risks that come along with opening up and sharing. I’ve been inspired by all the blogs I’ve seen, they way people open themselves up and share with the world. I find myself thinking if they can do it, so can I. So with a lot of gratitude, I say thank you for sharing and inspiring me.


I signed up for a ATC swap with some women in the e-course I’ve been taking. I was part of a group years ago that regularly made and swapped cards. I’ve missed it, yet it is also a huge challenge for me to work on such a small scale, I normally work 8×10 or larger.

I’ve started to work on painting the backgrounds. I’ve got a few ideas for where I want them to go, the only thing holding me back at the moment is most of my art supplies are still in boxes waiting to be unpacked from our move. I am planning on getting these boxes unpacked soon.

So here are some pictures of them so far. I’ve decided that I am going to make these to keep for myself as well, they will be for those moments when I need to encourage myself.






I’ve been compelled lately to draw faces. I find myself trying not to, I really don’t want to be drawing them. I like looking at what others do with girly faces and words of inspiration, but I feel like this is not my path, so why I am spending time drawing these faces.

I keep asking myself why, yet there is no real answer. This spring I started a painting in which I used a map for the girls face then painted over it. Even when I started that painting, I didn’t really want to be making it. I was looking at it as an exercise, to see how or if the map I used would show thru the paint and I got caught up in the different textures I could make with a sponge on the background. It is not finished yet, the nose needs to be re-worked and the hair is needing more layers and colors.






They just feel awkward to me, I can get one side of the face out the way I see it, but the other side is just blah. I am really struggling with faces and it is even harder when what I have been wanting to draw is birds. Since we’ve moved I have even more birds in my back yard, so many different types and sizes, I want to find my interpretation of them. I want to figure out how I can best express them and use them in my art, yet instead, this other compulsion is driving my art right now.

I am sure there is something I am meant to learning from these faces, yet they are not really speaking to me… or may I am not truly listening to them. Either way, I guess I will just keep working thru it and eventually I will be ready for my birdies. Accepting that this what I am meant to working on in this moment is hard, but I also know, you can’t really fight it, as I have to trust myself, this lesson is important, and eventually everything will come together. Someday I will know what lesson I am meant to take away from this.


9 thoughts on “Gratitude & Compulsion

    • thank you! Flying Lessons, has truly been a blessing in my life at this moment, it was just what I needed to finally take the leap.

  1. I think that whatever your muse is telling you, compelling you to paint, is what you need to paint. The other will always be there… maybe there’s something there for you to merge them, bird-women/faces?

    I love ATCs. They are more time consuming than I thought they’d be, but the fun of trading them far outweighs any extra time. I heard one woman who paints a whole sheet in a larger size for her backgrounds, and then just cuts the sheet into the correct size. It seems easier than doing backgrounds on the smaller size, and I bet you could just paint certain areas in different colors and trim the edges when you make your cards.

    Thanks for sharing this post… I think this is one of the most important facets for forming art communities – the sharing 😀

  2. I like your honesty. Maybe make her face half bird to satisfy the need to do birds and make it not “blah” to you! Follow your heart always, if your heart isn’t in it, neither will the rest of you be.

  3. Thanks for following me!
    I just wanted to comment about when you said that you can get one side of a face but the other side always feels off. I totally feel the same way when I draw faces, it really frustrates me because I like to get everything symmetrical but I really like the way you painted the face so unexpectedly 🙂

  4. I think it’s great you open up about your creative process as it is both helpful to you and also to others in the same situation. Good luck for everything!

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