Unplanned becomes inspiration

I had plans for today, work that needed to be done, but my body had other plans for me. My stomach is not so happy with me. So here I am feeling annoyed that I am not getting things taken care that really need to be taken care of. Suddenly it came to me that I could be doing this instead, writing about what I’ve learned recently and what inspires me. I’ve gone from annoyance to working on something that I want to be doing.

I’ve had a few ahh.. haa… moments recently which have me looking a life a little differently.I’ve been facing a lot of fears lately, about my art, can I really do this, start a business and sell my work. Could I even manage a successful business? So many thoughts of this nature are dancing thru my head.

My husband has been supportive, but also questioning, if there is market for my creations, he likes my art, because it is an expression of me. One thing he really likes about me is my quirkiness, which I must confess, I’m not really sure what it is he was referring to. I should have asked, but I didn’t, as he was painting a ceiling at the time and I was running late for work.

A short while later it suddenly clicked, that yes, I can run a successful business. I already run a business and its been fairly successful. We own a multi-family property, which was our home until two months ago. When we bought the property I knew a little about running a rental property, as my parents owned the property before us, but I ended up doing a ton of research. I wanted to know as much as possible to ensure we would be successful in this venture, as doing the wrong thing could put our home at jeopardy. So I read, researched and learned a lot.

I am in the process of doing the exact same thing right now, taking the e-course offered by Kelly Rae Roberts. I’ve also recognized that I need to learn more about the tax side of this new business I am trying to start, I’ve come across a course that should help me with that. So much to learn and do.

I’ve been reading and looking at a lot of blogs lately, I am finding myself inspired and impressed on a daily basis. While these are not the greatest photos, I just felt that I needed to share. One of the blogs I came across talked about things that them, which in turn inspired me to share these things which inspire me:

This mask was given to my husband and I for our wedding. A good friend gave it to us and it inspired us to start collecting masks.

This is one of my favorite masks, it is also inspiration for a new piece of art I will be starting soon, that is destined to hang in our living room above the opening to our kitchen/dining area.

This is the maple tree I wrote about the other day:


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