Posted in October 2012

A Pretty Picture

I haven’t had a chance to write the last few days as I had planned on doing. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and work on anything in the studio either. Not the happiest person at the moment due to these two things. I’ve been offline due to the bad weather that hurricane … Continue reading

In progress….

This is just a bit of practice. I am planning to post a piece of my art or art in progress everyday for the month of November. Its funny, I’ve been sitting down everyday to work on something, yet very little ever seems to make it to completion. As I’ve started so many small pieces, … Continue reading

Learning to trust my creativity

Learning to trust my creativity

I am creating a series of Artist Trading Cards, on trust and trusting, they are the catalyst for this post. I am learning as I create and make things, finding myself and how I view my world. This new found knowledge, sometimes it’s interesting and other times not so much, but the basic truth is, … Continue reading

Trust me to forget…

A wonderful phase and good idea for a painting… slipped thru my fingers, because I failed to have a note-book near my bed. I was to sleepy to drag myself out of bed to find a pen and paper. I repeated it to myself several times, hoping to cement it in my mind, but nope … Continue reading

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So, I like quotes. A lot. They are just so inspirational, and so many of them resonate with me so strongly and they just happen to be helpful when you are feeling a bit of writers block. Tonight’s quote is a great reminder for me. I need to stop building walls…

Inspire me as try not fighting it…

This morning I did a search on street art/ graffiti, looking for inspiration. This painting was started the spring and it was inspired by  street art and a poem my cousin wrote. It still feels incomplete, but I love the texture and layers of color. I want to draw on these things in my next … Continue reading

Gratitude & Compulsion

Gratitude & Compulsion

Lately I’ve been looking at a lot of blogs, to be honest, I find myself getting sucked in, deeper and deeper, viewing, liking and commenting on various posts. I’ve been meaning to write and post this for a couple of days, but instead I found myself getting drawn away from writing this.  I’ve been throughly … Continue reading