Love: Makes the World Go

October 2007

I’ve been thinking about so many different things lately, in part because I am taking an E-Course with Kelly Rae Roberts called Flying Lessons. So far it has been a very helpful course.

It has been pushing me to change my perspective on many things. I am generally a shy to very shy person, some days I can be a more out going than others. Once I get to know people my shyness tends to melt away. I’ve been trying to push thru my natural shyness with this blog which is difficult at times. I want to find the right words to express myself, which is easy when I am thinking about things to write, but when I sit down to actually write, it is so much harder than I expected. So I ask for patience when I am awkward.

The the mixed media painting that I’ve posted was finished in October 2007. It is one of my early pieces, which I’ve been looking at a lot lately. I honestly can’t remember what I was thinking about when I made this piece, but I think about the word and the feelings associated with the word love frequently and I find myself drawn to heart shapes. I think most of us are looking for love and the feeling of connection that it can bring in its many forms. Be it friendship, family, a child or the connections we can have with our pets, we all want to know we are loved and cared for. Love is a powerful emotion and it can make people do unexpected things.

I am finding myself wanting to “re-create” a little differently now, as I’ve changed a lot since then, I can now see it with a lot more texture in the background, and a few other ideas of inspiration have come to me as well.

I’ve been wanting to work on new pieces, but since we moved in August, my life have been crazy busy and there hasn’t been anytime for me to focus on my art. This has been difficult for me, I am full of emotions that I need to get out, yet, there is little time for me to paint, play and create. As a result I am feeling very uneasy, edgy and tense, it took me a while to realize that creating art could help these feelings.

Earlier this year, I started a routine in which I started to “practice” art everyday. I worked every day in my art journal or on canvas. Making various backgrounds, finding new textures, and experimenting with different mediums that could be added to paint. This practice, enabled me to loosen up and relax, it also was the catalyst for me signing up for Flying Lessons.

I knew that I was happiest when I was creating and I needed to find a way to eventually try to sell my art work. I’ve wanted this for many years, and I just kept putting it off. I stumbled across this course, then something inside of me shouted, you must do this. So I signed up quickly, before I could think about changing my mind. At the time, I figured, by September, all the crazy in our life should be settling down, so there was no reason why I couldn’t do this. Needless to say, life is not what I was expecting it to be, so for the time being I am making notes, and drawing sketches of ideas, and trying to find ways to create with pen and paper, rather than paint.

The running joke in our house right now when asked do you know where X is: it’s somewhere in a box. Soon, I hope to have my art space set up and I am looking forward to sharing that space and my work with you.


17 thoughts on “Love

  1. Hi Lynn~ Great post…..I found you through the Flying Lessons Fb Group members list; I am still waiting to be added to the group by Liv. I feel like you and I have a lot in common. I have always loved art, I haven’t been able to call myself an “artist” yet, I have a serious obsession with hearts, I know what you mean about finding the time to create, I am a wife and mother of 3 children (2 of whom I homeschool); so time for creating is hard to come by, I too find happiness and joy through creating art. My passion is mixed media. I look forward to starting a blog and opening an etsy store….just so much to take in right now….overwhelmed!!! Your blog looks great!!

    • Can’t wait to check out your blog once you get started. I have to keep telling myself baby steps right now. I want to dive into to doing more, like a public Facebook page, easy, etc… but for now I am holding myself back and just going to work on this blogging stuff.

  2. Oh my. Moving is so hard on creative souls. Often the art supplies are the last to be unpacked, as they sit aside waiting for all the “important” bits of life to find their place in the new home first. I’ve been through that more times than I care to remember. You’ll get there soon … it does take time. In the meantime … enjoy the course. There’s so much to soak up! ~ your blog is lovely, i like the magazine style with the short blurbs. and your writing is beautiful.
    -jenn m, fellow flyer

  3. Lynn, I also went through a period where I did not create any art. I bought a jewelry store and I set up an art studio in the back room where I thought I would create during my “down time”… Ha! Two years later and I had not picked up a paint brush or any other creative tools. I found ways to be creative in my store (displays and arranging, buying, signage) but it was not the same. I LOVE your routine to “practice” art. What a great way to begin a lot of pieces for later. Sounds like you are finding more space for your creativity… Yay!

  4. I was very inspired by your piece. I have a dear friend who recently lost someone and I have been trying to find the right thing to make/do for her. Seeing your piece it clicked. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hi fellow flier! What a lovely start to your blog. Try not to be hard on yourself — we all feel as though we are flying my the seat of our pants most of the time — and that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Thank you for stopping by my blog. 🙂

  6. Hi Lynn,

    I noticed that Kelly Rae is making this next class her final class on Flying Lessons. I’m sad that I missed it but realize I can’t do everything. I’m planning to take Tamara Laporte’s Life Book class for 2013. Thanks so much for your kind comment, and it seems we share some of the same trials – not having enough time for art (or at least convincing ourselves we don’t), having trouble finding the right words to put down or the best way of expressing ourselves (the 30 day challenge you commented on is breaking me all up all over the place on that one lol), and going back to something we did before and seeing it with new eyes… I honestly love doing that and will often leave something mostly unfinished just so that I can pick it up again in a few weeks or months and see how my perspective has changed about what I wanted to do with it. I’m following you too now, so I’m looking forward to seeing how your flying lessons progress 😉 Best of luck and have fun with the class!

  7. Lynn,
    You have a lovely blog. I know what you mean when you say writing what you want to say is so much harder than what you expected. I’ve always found it hard to put my thoughts and feelings into words. On my blog, I write more about creating the art than personal feelings. I’m trying to break out of that shell but it is way harder than what I thought it would be. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  8. Hello, I think the fact that you are able to openly relate some of your emotions on your blog and show us your art with the subject being one of strongest emotions that exists, means you have come a long way already. I reckon I hide behind my photos a lot. You have just inspired me to personalise by blog a bit more – so thank you!

  9. I enjoyed reading this post, Lynn. You are a good writer! You remind me of one of my daughters who is an artist to (not her day job), and like you, she finds it so therapeutic, and so crummy when she can’t make art. She has taken up “doodles”, as she calls them — trying to “doodle” or draw at least one small piece a day. Keeps her sane! Best of luck to you and thanks for checking out my blog too!

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