The beginning…

I’ve been running thru all the thoughts in my head, and there is so much I want to say. In the rush of thoughts, I’ve gotten bit overwhelmed. I am starting a new path in my life, I am finally, committing myself to putting my art out there for the world to see. I’m not sure where this path will take me, but I am going to try to sit back and enjoy the ride, where ever it make take me.

So, you may be wondering who am I? I often wonder the same thing. I am a woman, in her thirties, who still feels like I am just a girl. I look in the mirror and I see this grown up person, yet I often wonder when will I finally feel grown up? I’ve decide that I must not be done growing yet, I am still a work in progress, continuing to evolve, grow and change. I’m pretty sure that we never truly “grow up” as change is constant.

Writing this is hard, I find myself, wanting to talk about other things, people, places, anything but myself. So here goes, a little more about me…

I am longing for a simple life. Right now I am in a time of change. In August, I moved from the small city I’ve grew up in to the country. I love my new home, which I share with my husband, dog and cat. One of the reasons why I love my home so much is I finally have the space for my studio. We have to “build” my studio still, but I am okay with that, like so many things in my life it is a work in progress.

I love art. I’ve known for a very long time that creating art is what I am meant to be doing. In the last year or so, I’ve finally stopped fighting it. I’ve know since I was 17 or 18, that I am an artist, I’ve only managed to recently own those words. I find those words are hard to own at times, as the negative self talk creeps in, but I am trying to be kinder to myself. I find that often people treat themselves harshly. I sometimes wonder why, do I speak so harshly to myself, as I wouldn’t talk to others in that manner. I believe that we should treat others as we wish to be treated, yet often times, I am overly harsh and judgmental with myself.

There is more I could tell you about me but I’ve decide to say it for another day. I will be posting some photo’s of art work later, as I need to take some photo’s first. So instead of posted a picture taken at my old house, I was working outside in the garden, and saw this beautiful butterfly, I was grateful it stuck around while I ran to get my camera.


7 thoughts on “The beginning…

  1. I was in your shoes a year ago. I was asked by a close co-worker why I did not sell my art. I responded “What if no one likes it? I would be crushed.” She told me that EVERY artist has to work past that concept. She is right. Good luck on your journey. Its worth taking the plunge.

  2. Lynn, I just read your first blogpost and I was astounded. I could have written those very words myself! Where do you live? If you are anywhere near Ithaca, NY, I would love, love, love to meet you. I think we are kindred spirits, for sure.

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